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Gen 2 is here!

Improved Design to store your slabs vertically along with a stronger outer-frame to protect your Gems!

⚠️ Retail products pictured is for reference only and will not be included in your order  ⚠️

As collectors ourselves, we understand the challenges with balancing storage with display of our prized GEMs.

The out-of-box cardboard holders, makeshift foam inserts, cheap quality cases, no longer does the job.

Whether you are brand new to the hobby or a veteran leveled up to the max, this issue will come knocking on your door sooner or later. 

The search for an all-in-one storage AND display solution, has been found! 



We have kept the community in mind throughout the entire design and development process.

Our goal is to provide a solution that will address both storage and display scenarios at the same time. Your prized GEMs will now be protected from the elements and can be nicely showcased in its forever home!

As a collector ourselves, we understand this challenge ever so deeply. Our collection is a part of us and sending these them off to get graded can be quite nerve racking. Upon recieving our gems back, we want to keep them protected and displayed at the same time. Most cases can only do one or the other.

This simple challenge lead us to work with our R&D Team to design and build a storage case that can indeed do both.  *GemCase offers a two-stage storage system. The top display is made of a transparent outer lid that allows us to showcase those key gems, while the bottom display has 4 compartments for storage.

All of the above is finished with a midnight black outer housing that provides a subtle design to add that extra umph!


What's the point of storing your Gems, if there is no protection?

This thought is our second top factor when considering the build of the GemCase.

GemCase is equipped with an aluminum frame to help prevent damages to the corners. In addition, there is a key-latch system in place to properly secure the top lid, ensuring that your Gems are protected from any intruders...or young up-and-coming trainers (Kids :]).


Wether you are an experienced collector or just starting your journey. We at Gem-Mint promise to provide high quality products that are tested through with our own Gems. If it doesn't pass our standards, we will not provide it to the masses!

GemCase is compatible with most grading service provider slabs (PSA,BGS,CGC,etc) and will fit up to roughly 180 graded slabs* (positioned vertically)

The design offers endless possibilities that can suit a variety of TCG brands and even small collectables.

*PSA Graded Slabs used during Quality Check / Each slot holds ~ 45 Slabs
*Foam Organization inserts are included

Measurements GemCase with Lid:
15" (L) x 10.5" (W) x 7.5" (H)

Measurements GemCase without Lid:
15" (L) x 10.5" (W) x 6" (H)

GemCase Lid: additional 1.5" (H)

GemCase Slots: 9.5" (L) x 3.25" (W) Total of 4 Slots


Your Order will be delivered within 3-5 Business Days

100% Customer Satisfaction 
with our Money-Back Guaranteed

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

That 1 star was from a customer who thinks he's more important then the rest of us. Entitled child
This case is legit .

Alberto Ugarte
Wow just wow amazing

I don’t normally write reviews for anything because I just don’t like too but I have to give much credit for this amazing case I got I was so pleased with the shipping the way it was packaged the entire thing is awesome definitely coming back to buy more from gemmint if this just a case/storage for a persons collection I can’t wait to buy some displays

Joseph Otte
never received tracking or the package

where is my order that you said was fulfilled 3 days ago

Hi Joseph!

Apologies for the delay! I am showing the tracking number on your order is due to deliver 9/27.

Did you get an email confirmation of the tracking?

Also in the future, you can reach out to us via the chat button in the site or send us a direct email at support@gem-mint.com.

Beautifully made!

I really love it, it makes me want to fill it up with gem mints really! But I hope there was a hard board behind the see through window behind the foam, when I put my gem mint graded there they move around…

Also love the gem mint mini case… wish they would’ve given me two! Hahaha it’s awesome way to hold onto the graded cards.

Highly recommend

Best Case for any TCG

These Gem Cases are the most crucial thing that any hobbyists or collector need to store their most valuable cards and slabs. Very sturdy and well made. Company representatives are quick to respond and also to ship. Thank you again!